[blockquote]The Kenya Medical Research Institute is governed by a Board of Management.
The Board consists of a Chairperson, appointed by the President, and six independent members appointed by the Minister for the time being responsible for Health.
The Board also has members representing the Principal secretaries in the line ministries of Health and the National Treasury, and a representative of the office of the attorney General and Secretary/Chief Executive officer of the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation.
The Board is responsible for all the policy matters of the Institute.[/blockquote]

Committees of the Board

Responsible for providing strategic direction of research in the Institute. The committee scrutinizes, evaluates and approves research programmes, performance and output of research projects

Scientific Research and Innovation Committee

To provide oversight on Financial and Development matters of the institute

Finance and Development Committee

Oversees all audit functions of the Institute, including financial, procurement, and human resource processes. Monitors implementation of any audit queries raised by the Kenya National Audit Office.

Audit Committee

This committee reviews staff matters, determines staffing levels by reviewing and recommending to the board any new appointments as well as appropriate disciplinary measures on staff who breach existing staff regulations

Human Resource Committee

[photo_box image=”816″ link=”#”]Dr. Naphtali Nyabero Agata
Chairman KEMRI Board of Management[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1639″ link=”#”]Prof. Yeri Kombe
Director General KEMRI[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1640″ link=”#”]Dr. Eric Ogwora
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1543″ link=”#”]Miss Harriet Muiruri
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”818″ link=”#”]Amb. Dr. Wenwa A. Odinga
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1641″ link=”#”]Dr. Joseph Mutai
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1642″ link=”#”]Dr. Naomi Mutea
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”820″ link=”#”]Dr. Fatma M. Haji
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”824″ link=”#”]Dr. Simon Langat
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1643″ link=”#”]Mr. Adow Mohamed
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1646″ link=”#”]Prof.Peter Ngure
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1647″ link=”#”]Ms. Susan Mucheru
Board Member[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”1644″ link=”#”]Dr. Charles Nzioka
Board Member[/photo_box]
[blockquote]The Director, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
The Director of the Institute is appointed under the provisions of the Science and Technology (Amendment Act 1979), by the Minister for the time being responsible for Health, on recommendation by the Board. He is the Chief Executive of the Institute. In this capacity, he is the accounting officer as well as the administrative and scientific head of the Institute.[/blockquote]
[blockquote]Research Centres and Programmes
The Research Centres of KEMRI are created by the Board of Management. These Research Centres are expected to focus on specific areas of national and/or strategic importance, in accordance with their respective broad mandates in any of the six (6) research programmes of the Institute The Board may reorganize the mandates of these Research Centres in conformity with the national objectives, as it may deem appropriate.[/blockquote]
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